Fluttershy Napping by Rosewhistle
Fluttershy by Rosewhistle

From 謹んでハッピーになろう♪ by 及川みゆき

Hearth’s Warming 2013 by grievousfan
A changeling shows up with a tea cozy, and 15 kinds of exotic tea blends, 5 of which you have never even heard of. I heard there was going to be a nice quiet party here?

It’s… a little late for that, I’m afraid.

…but I guess we could have some tea while we wait for the next tea party.

What if the smooze was apple flavored?

He’d probably be a little more appealing to ponies, but… honestly, I’d probably miss his moldy, mucky charm.


Appleshy by lexx2dot0.
Whens the fluttershy party?



…at six, bring your own tea cozy.

*Sweetie-Scoots across your living room floor back and forth in her pink bathrobe, the sounds of a coffee maker perculating in the background somewhere*

*sniff sniff*

…is …that Dr. Hoofer’s Supreme Caffeine Tummy Turning Double Heart Explosion Triple-X Dark Roast I smell?


Ask Flutterbat #1


brushie brushie brushie


brushie brushie brushie


Flutterbat is cutest bat! by NeonRedWings

Cosyshy by AbyssalEmissary

My random feelings about Super Lesbian Horse RPG after completing it:

  • I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get into it until about the first dungeon. Things came together after that.
  • Despite Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash being the main characters, Twilight really drives the story and interpersonal dialogue with her royal, slightly-pushy, adorkable personality.
  • Plenty of rewards as far as chests and dialogue to those willing to do a little exploring.
  • My main criticism of the game is that there was nothing silly to read on the library bookshelves.
  • It’s decently long and wraps up nicely in the end.
  • Left me wishing for more, which is a good thing.
  • Has a surreal, Earthbound vibe thing going on?
  • Game is very fair with it’s difficulty. I didn’t have to use many items or revive any ponies, but it still felt like I had to work for it by occasionally retreating from the situation to rest.
  • Enemies don’t reappear in dungeons after defeated = pretty great.
  • Overall a fun experience.